Higher Board 

Higher Board to monitor the functions of International Indian Schools in the Kingdom. The Board had been made up as follows: a) All Chairmen of the elected Managing Committees of the International Indian Schools, as members. b) An expert (Indian National) in the field of education, as member. c) An expert (Indian National) in the field of finance, as member. d) An expert (Indian National) in the field of administration, as member. e) A representative of the Ministry of Education. f) A representative of the Embassy of India, not below the rank of Second Secretary, as observer The above-mentioned three Indian experts are nominated as the Members of the Higher Board with the coordination and consultations between the Ministry of Education and the Embassy of India, Riyadh The president of the Higher Board will be selected from amongst the Members of the Board.

President Higher Board

Milind V. Pendharkar

Member of Higher Board of International Indian Schools, Riyadh

Mr. Hasan Ghias - Member, Higher Board (Jeddah)

Mr. John Thomas - Member, Higher Board (Dammam)

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