Fee Structure 

Library Fee 

for class IX-X - SR 10/- per month 

for class XI-XII - SR 15/- per month 

Sports /Activity  Fee 

for class LKG to V - SR 10/- per month 

for class VI-VIII - SR 15/- per month 

for class XI-XIII - SR 20/- per month 

The  term fee will be charged twice for the academic term as follows

  • Annual Personal accident insurance premium of SR.15/-, payable along with the fees for the first month of the academic year or at the time of admission. 

  • Miscellaneous  fee payable along with the fees for the first month of the academic year or at the time of admission.

  • If any parent pays the total fee of his child / children for all the 12 months together in advance for the whole academic year from 01 April to 31 March, then a discount of 7.5% will be given on the tuition fee only.  If any parent pays the fee for half the academic year in advance from April 01 to September 30 or October 01 to March 31 then a discount of 5% will be given on tuition fee only. All other fees except tuition fee will have to be paid in full.


Fee Structure for Foreign Nationals

Fee Payment Schedule

  • All fees are payable on or before the last day of every calendar month.

  • The fee for the month of March should be paid along with the fee for February. All fees payable for the complete academic year for students of KG to VIII, IX&XI should be paid before the declaration of the annual exam result. Board going students (X&XII) should pay the fee for February and March before collecting their hall tickets.

  • Late fee will be charged at the rate of SR.1/- for every day of default (for each child whose fee is not paid) after the last day of every month. Default payment for every completed month will be SR. 30/-. After the maximum default of 2 months the student’s name will be struck off the rolls.

  • Tuition fee will be charged from the beginning of session for the whole academic year. If any part of the fee has been paid in any of the CBSE affiliated schools / equivalently recognized school that part of fees may be condoned on production of authentic documents duly countersigned by the Regional Educational Department authorities and the fee in such cases may be charged from the date of admission / the date of last payment in the former school, whichever is earlier. However, if the TC from the school is not countersigned by the Education Department authorities then the fee has to be paid from the beginning of the session.  

  • Parents can opt for fee payment through Net Banking. To avail this facility and for more details please refer the school website or contact IT Department.

  • Full fee will be charged for all students including every sibling. Fee concession for third child onwards has been withdrawn.

Bus Fee

      Bus Fee Structure (Payable for 12 months of every year after admission)

Non-refundable Bus Deposit

  • Non-refundable one time transportation deposit will be charged at the time of admission as follows:

             1st Child                                 SR 200.00

             2nd Child                               SR 200.00

             3rd Child                                SR 200.00

             4th Child                                 NIL


  • Resumption after discontinuation of bus service, the following will apply:

  • Less than four months, arrears of four months bus fee will be applicable.

  • More than four months, non refundable bus service charges as above will be applicable.

Rules for Bus Users

  • Providing bus facility is not mandatory on the part of the school.  The bus facility is provided as a convenience.  All possible care is taken to make the bus facility safe for the student.  However, the school will not be responsible for any unforeseen incident. 

  • Buses will ply in accordance with the existing routes chalked out by the school. 

  • It is compulsory that the students wear identification badges specified for their routes. Students should be present at the respective stops at the pick up time. 

  • Students should board their buses immediately after the school is over.

  • Unruly  and  unbecoming  behavior  in  the  bus  will  lead  to  disciplinary  action  including  withdrawal of bus facility.

  • Students are not allowed to travel in any bus other than the one allotted to them.

  • Parents are requested to inform the school authorities in writing if and when they bring / take home their wards who commute by school bus to / from the school. This is permissible only for emergencies.

  • Students will be accommodated as per the carrying capacity of buses.

  • Parent / guardian must drop and receive the students of lower grades and girls.

  • Children can be picked and dropped at specified points and not necessarily at the door step.

  • Fee defaulters will not be allowed to use the bus facility.

  • Discontinuation of school bus service by the student should be informed a month in advance.

  • While considering the request for a change of location / route, bus facility will be provided subject to availability of space in the bus.