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Details of School Account:

Beneficiary Name : International Indian School Jeddah

Bank Name : Bank Al-Jazira

Account No.: 0128-164662-002

IBAN No. :     SA19 6000 0000 1281 6466 2002

Branch address:

Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al-Rehab, Jeddah 23343

Email :


1) Please Check the Fee amount of your ward (s) from the fee calculator given above. 

2) Transfer the exact amount showing in system to the school account  given above.

3) Use Online banking for fee transfer, Avoid  the Transfer of  fee from ATM Machine, STC  Quick Pay & Al Raji Money Transfer  
4) please write the GRNo of your ward (s) in the purpose column in the bank-transfer page. 

Please email Reference ID, the copy of Transfer Details and the copy of  Fee dues Calculator
 with GRNO of your ward (s) for  verification please.

Email :

Note :  1) Fee Transfer without mentioning GRNO in purpose column, will take time for updating the Fee Status.

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